Associate Activities

In order to have a complete basket of colours at single window and as customers are having good faith on “VANVID” other colours are being toll manufactured and made available to our regular customers.“VANVID” has tie-ups with some good manufacturers, wherein other Pigments are being toll manufactured and quality checks will be done at “VANVID” laboratories prior to shipment of material to the customers. This has made ease to the customers to take variety of Pigments in different quantity from one place and with the quality assurance from “VANVID”.

The list of other Pigments & Re-active Dyes available are as given hereunder.
1. Benzidine Oragne – 13 ( P.O. -13)
2. Benzidine Yellow – 12 ( P.Y. -12)
3. Pigment Lake Red (P.R. 53:1)
4. Pigment Rubine Toner (P.R. 57:1)
5. Pigment Red (P.R. 48:2)
6. Pigment Violete – 23 (P.Y. – 23)
7. Lemon Chrome
8. Middle Chrome
9. Scarlete Chrome

Re-active Dyes
10. Re-active Turquoise Blue 21 ( 133%, 225% & 266% R.O.)
11. Re-active Turquoise Blue H5G (Re-active Blue 25) (STD. & Crude)
12. Re-active Turquoise Blue H2GP ( Re-active Blue 77) (Crude)
13. Direct Turquoise Blue FBL ( Direct Blue 199) (400% & 600%)
14. Direct Blue 86 (Direct Blue 86) (Crude).

Businesses Divisions

Phthalocyanine Pigments Division

Industry Standard Pigments are being manufactured with the use of quality raw materials, by adopting good manufacturing practices, and at competitive prices.

Azo Pigments and Re-Active Dyes Division

Toll manufacturing is being done with reliable manufacturers by supplying them, quality raw materials, to get Finished Pigments/Dyes equal to Customers Standards, at competitive prices.