quality assurance

“VANVID” has an In-house quality control department with indispensable equipments along with proficient personnel having adequate knowledge for testing the Pigments in End applications. Rigorous Quality checks are done at each stage of production lifecycle with the support of our knowledge repository.

Finally, the Finished Pigments are also tested meeting industry accepted standards prior to shipments, ensuring consistency in each supply.

Pigments manufactured at “Vanvid Chemicals” are free from the Impurities of Di-Oxines and Furans, Poly Chlorinated Bi-Phenyls ( PCB’s), Hexa Chloro Benzene (HCB), Primary Aromatic Amines and Especially Heavy Metal contents as given in the European standard EN 71 Part 3 (EN 71-3). “VANVID” has its own Effluent treatment Plant wherein Primary and Secondary treatment of Effluent is carried out and the discharged water is well within the specifications and guidelines given by the Local Pollution control Authority.

Environmental care is an utmost concern at “VANVID”.

Businesses Divisions

Phthalocyanine Pigments Division

Industry Standard Pigments are being manufactured with the use of quality raw materials, by adopting good manufacturing practices, and at competitive prices.

Azo Pigments and Re-Active Dyes Division

Toll manufacturing is being done with reliable manufacturers by supplying them, quality raw materials, to get Finished Pigments/Dyes equal to Customers Standards, at competitive prices.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company