Products & Specification

Product List Production Capacity Specification
Pigment Blue 15.0 300TPA
Pigment Blue 15.1 300 TPA
Pigment Blue 15.3 300 TPA
Pigment Blue 15.4 30 TPA
Pigment Green 7 300 TPA
Phthalomido Additive (for Paints and Inks) 180 TPA

Businesses Divisions

Phthalocyanine Pigments Division

Industry Standard Pigments are being manufactured with the use of quality raw materials, by adopting good manufacturing practices, and at competitive prices.

Azo Pigments and Re-Active Dyes Division

Toll manufacturing is being done with reliable manufacturers by supplying them, quality raw materials, to get Finished Pigments/Dyes equal to Customers Standards, at competitive prices.